Cork Toons!™

Someone once said, “Whatever you do, POUR yourself into it.” So, we did just that. After we poured ourselves a nice glass of Cabernet, instead of throwing the cork out, our creative juices got flowing. Or maybe it was just the wine…we’re not really sure. What we do know is that evening, an exciting new art form was created. Welcome, CORK TOONS!

Everything happens for a “Riesling,” right? That’s what we said. After hours of drawing each other’s faces on corks, we noticed our artists can create each CORK TOON in just 3-4 minutes. We quickly saw what a unique and fun party favor these could be for guests at events.

CORK TOONS can be drawn live at events or pre-drawn ahead of time from a photo. Each piece comes complete with an elegant miniature glass display dome with a custom cork stopper. The cork appears to be “floating” when placed on the surface in this solid casing.

Custom upgrades are available to brand your event with a company logo, date, or name.

Put a cork in it. You know these are the coolest party favors you’ve seen this side of Napa. Call us today for a quote because “WINE” not? Cheers!!!

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Upgrades include Custom Branding or Plain Corks

Cork Toons can be drawn from photos!